Join Your Early Education Union

Join Your Early Education Union

Why your membership matters: 

"We all know educators aren't valued for the important work we do. That's why I joined my union - to play my part in our Big Steps campaign for professional pay. Here's why you should join me, and tens of thousands of educators nationwide, building a strong future for our sector." Educator Kerrie Devir (VIC)

  • You will be adding your voice to our campaign for professional pay, Big Steps - Value Our Future
  • You will have back up and advice from our experts in workplace rights and issues
  • You will have a say during negotiations with employers for better pay and conditions


Join here today! 

United Voice members are behind many of the improvements we have seen in the early childhood sector over the years - for educators, children and their families.  

To achieve more, we need to be stronger - join here. 

When the Liberal Government questioned the value of the National Quality Framework (NQF), current ratios and the need for qualified educators, United Voice members launched the Quality Matters campaign. As the experts in early childhood, we know how these standards can improve a child’s future chances and choices in life. As United Voice members we fought hard to protect our sector - we lobbied politicians, engaged with our communities, and signed up our colleagues. That is how we won.

By winning Quality Matters we protected the professional standards of our sector and so ensured that our case for professional wages remained strong.

Now is the time to strengthen our fight by becoming a member. 

As an educator you are literally shaping the future, one child at a time. Yet you earn a third less than those who educate children just a few years older. This doesn’t reflect the value of your work, or the value of every child. A responsible government that values the future of every child would already have fixed this by funding professional wages for all educators.

That’s why it’s time for our campaign, Big Steps - Value Our Future. To win it, we will need to build a bigger, stronger union to make this Government fund professional wages for all educators. 

This starts today, with you joining United Voice.

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