MEDIA RELEASE: We're Moving in with Malcolm!

A hundred Canberra early childhood educators will pack their bags and furnishings tonight and move into The Lodge, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s newly refurbished official residence in the ACT.

The educators want Malcolm Turnbull to know his refusal to accept responsibility for fixing educators’ inadequate pay is taking its toll on the women who educate and care for our youngest children. 97% of educators are women.

They want Malcolm Turnbull to know life is tough when you earn as little as $20 per hour.

Lyndal Ryan, ACT Branch Secretary of United Voice, the early childhood union says “Canberra’s early childhood educators are fed up.

“The festive season should be a time for relaxation and sharing, a special time with family and friends.

“Instead for too many educators this is a time of extra stress and anxiety about having enough money to pay the bills let alone buy gifts.

“Unlike the Prime Minister, who has multiple luxurious residences from which to pick and choose, educators struggle to afford even basic housing on their low wages. Yet they perform a highly professional and important job for children, families and the nation.

“It shouldn’t be like this in 2016. It’s not good enough to continue to underpay educators because their work is seen as ‘women’s work’.

“That’s why educators have decided to move in with Malcolm Turnbull. He has had the top job for over a year. It’s time he did something about this injustice which affects 80,000 educators across the country.

“We encourage Canberrans driving past The Lodge this evening to honk to let educators and the Prime Minister know they support professional pay for educators,” says Lyndal Ryan.

More than 2,000 educators work in long day care in the ACT educating more than 11,000 children.

When: 6pm TODAY Wednesday, 30 November, 2016

Where: Prime Minister’s Lodge, Adelaide Avenue, Deakin