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Big Steps Walk Off March 2018

March 27 is Keep Your Children Home Day

Big Steps Walk Off September 2017

Next Stop Canberra!

Be Heard 

Our 1st Big Steps Ambassador: Dave Hughes

A while back the comedian made some controversial comments about educators. Now he's a Big Steps ambassador - have a listen!

ALP Will Support Our Equal Pay Case

Labor has announced that if it wins government, it will make submissions in support of our case for pay equity.

We Are Worth More

The campaign to value every child and every educator is growing...

Women's Work Is Essential

Almost 50 years ago Zelda chained herself to a government building for equal pay. Now she's met with the educators who repeated her action, earlier this year. Here is what she had to say...

Chains for Equal Pay 

We chained ourselves to Malcolm Turnbull's Melbourne office for professional pay.

Door Knocking for Professional Pay

Join Big Steps campaigners as they begin their day of door knocking for professional pay.

It's time to change our priorities.

Why do those who build brains earn less than those who build houses and bank account balances?

Our fight hits the big screen!

We've created this advertisement to coincide with the release of the film ‘Suffragette’ this Boxing Day. Read more about why we made it.

Show your support

Are you in for making 2016 the Year of Professional Pay? Yes!

Involvement = win 

We will only win professional wages if we do something! Join United Voice and get involved in your branch, whether it is in the Hi Vis team of NSW, or in other initiatives in other states/territories. 

Words from a campaign veteran 

Retired librarian Betty attended a Big Steps event earlier today to support her great niece, Shannon, an educator who is continuing the fight her great aunt began. It's time for pay equity!

Big November Action in ACT

ACT Educators kick off our month of Big Steps actions by paying Parliament House a visit. 

Jacqui Lambie pledges her support

Tasmanian educators Ali and Lauren met with Senator Jacqui Lambie about our campaign, Big Steps - Value Our Future. Here's what the Senator had to say after hearing from the educators.