10 things educators wish they knew when they started...

We asked some of our veteran early childhood members what they WISH they knew before starting our job. 

For any new educators, you're welcome!

1. There'll be tears.

There'll be tantrums. Sometimes they'll be yours.


But there's immense joy, pleasure and pride, often in the smallest of places.

You CAN do it!

– Lan

2. Make sure you have at least one change of clothes!


[We can ALL relate to this, right?!]

– Julie

3. Take your time to build your relationships with children.


And don't be concerned if it takes longer with some children than others.

– Kylie

4. Try not to take work home.

Nobody wants to do that.


Look after you and your health - or you will be no good to anyone else!

– Catherine

5. Boredom in a child is okay! 


Have them find something for them to do.

- Kat

6. Only work for a company that you would want to enrol your own child in. 


Don't settle for low standards - either be willing to help better the standards or get a job elsewhere.

- Mandy

7. Be prepared to catch every cough, cold & tummy bug!


So make sure you eat well, rest and don't take on more than you can handle.

– Chelsea

8. And know that you will make mistakes.


 It can be disheartening, but keep at it.

– Sarah

9. That the pay is rubbish.


But the impact you have on children lasts a lifetime. And it's so rewarding. (#allthefeels)

- Maree

10. Join your union.

While we might not be able to change dirty clothes, finding your feet or getting sick.

There IS one thing we can change. And that's the pay.

How? Become a part of our Big Steps campaign to be valued as the professionals that we are. Join our big, strong early childhood union now - because together can win equal pay!


- Niven, Samantha and Amy

Good luck to everyone about to start work in our sector, from every member of United Voice, your early education union! To be part of thousands of educators standing together for equal pay, join online now.