Talk Back Radio

Talk Back Radio

Why talk back?

On International Women’s Day, we want EVERYONE to hear about the walk offs and to understand why educators are having to escalate our campaign for professional wages.

A great way to do this is to call into talk back radio in your state or territory – especially if they are discussing the walk-offs.

Select your state/territory from the list at the bottom of this page. 

Talking points

Here are some points you could raise:

  • Despite the importance of what educators do and their skills and expertise, many educators earn just $20 a hour.
  • Educators have been waiting for professional wages for far too long. It’s time the government stepped up and committed to finding equal pay.
  • Early education is so important, the government should fund it properly.

For educators:

  • What do low wages mean for you personally?
  • Why did you take part in or why do you support this action?
  • Early education sets children up for life.

For families and supporters:

  • Why do you support educators taking this action?
  • Parents can’t afford to pay more. The government should properly fund early years’ education and this includes funding for professional wages.

Get on the airwaves this Wednesday the 8th of March, and let people know that you support the educators who are walking off the job for professional pay!

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