Street Stalls and Shopping Centres

shoppingcentreaction.jpgYour MP will schedule regular public appearances in their list of things-to-do. Some of these appearances, including street stalls and shopping centre engagements, are organised so that the MP look as if they are openly canvassing the concerns and suggestions of their constituents. Take this opportunity to tell your MP, in no uncertain terms, that equal pay for early educators is long overdue.

Regularly check your MPs social media pages.

MPs and their staffers post prolifically on social media to convey that they are actively involved in their electorate. To that end, they will use social media as a platform to announce when and where they will next appear to "listen" to their constituents. Coordinate with your group to attend such an event.

Turn up.

Check out our Electorate Events page for a comprehensive run-down on what to do once you've locked in a time and place.