The Story of Us


Educators don’t often get the opportunity to tell our stories.

Yet our years of experience, innovative skill sets and dedicated professionalism deserve to be recognised, now more than ever. That’s why we’re collecting the stories of educators, from directors to new starters; to show the country the amazing work we do every single day.

These stories will be made into a book to be presented in Canberra to politicians who are trying to make changes to early education and care.

We’ll make sure they understand the issues facing our sector, and how the solutions to these challenges can only be found with the people on the ground, in the sandpits, and in the staff room, planning for tomorrow’s learning adventure.

Like any good story, we have to start at the beginning. Use these questions as a guide to help tell us the story of you. Don’t worry about your grammar or spelling, or be afraid to tell your story how it really is. What’s important is your experience, your thoughts, your understanding of why quality education matters.

Question 5 of 5:

Thinking about the future, what one positive change would you like to see in our sector?