Speaker bio

Speaker bio

Libby Lyons


Libby Lyons was appointed as Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency for a period of five years from October 2015. Prior to joining the Agency, Libby held senior management roles across the corporate and government sectors in the energy, resources and telecommunications industries. Libby started her working life as a primary school teacher and so has experience in working in both female and male dominated industries and understands first hand that a more diverse work group makes for better decision making and organisational performance.


Sally McManus  


Sally is a Vice-President of the ACTU directing the ACTU's campaigns. She was previously the Secretary and Organiser with the ASU in NSW for 22 years. During Sally's time as Secretary the ASU's membership grew from 9,500 to 12,000 members. She has led many successful campaigns in the private, public and community sectors including the first collective agreement in the work for IBM workers, a campaign preventing water privatisation and the Equal Pay campaign for community workers which was a seven year campaign that delivered between 18-40% pay increases for all workers. Sally has also run many online campaigns and she founded the Destroy the Joint movement.


Eva Cox


Eva Cox AO was born in 1938 in Vienna, Austria, and being born Jewish was declared stateless by Hitler. So her mother fled to England, as a refugee until 1946. After 2 years in Rome, where her father worked the UN on displaced people, In 1948 they arrived in Australia. The early experiences raised her interest in social dysfunction.  At Sydney University, she discovered politics, the Push and dissent. She resumed studies as a sole parent in the 70s and graduated with honours in Sociology at the University of New South Wales in 1974. In 1972, she was an early member of the new Women's Electoral Lobby and took on feminist advocacy. After being a UNSW researcher and tutor, she moved to NCOSS as directorand engaged in social advocacy and briefly a political staffer. After running a research consultancy, in 1994 she became a senior lecturer and later program director of Social Inquiry at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) until 2007. Cox’s currently is an Adjunct Professor at Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning  University of technology Sydney, exploring and evaluating Indigenous policies.  

Throughout this time, Cox has become well known as a public commentator, passionate in her advocacy for women’s rights and the alleviation of social injustice. She delivered the ABC Boyer Lectures in 1995 on the theme A Truly Civil Society followed up by her monograph Leading Women in 1996. For her extensive contributions, particularly concerning the advancement of women’s welfare, Cox was appointed Officer of the Order of Australia in 1995, named Humanist of the Year 1997, and featured on a postage stamp, as an Australian Legend  in 2011. 


Elena Rorie


Elena is a member of the Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX) at the University of South Australia, which keeps her abreast with developments in human resources research, policy, and current trends. She is a member and a Certified Professional with the Australian Human Resources Institute and she is using her passion for human resources management to act as a change agent in the contemporary workplace environment.

Elena understands the many challenges in Australian workplaces that need to be faced and overcome in order to support women to achieve gender equality and maintain a reasonable work-life balance, while continuing to develop and further their professional careers. As Director of Policy for BPW Australia, Elena is a strong advocate on equal pay and creating real economic security for women. 


Lina Cabaero


Lina Cabaero is the Coordinator of Asian Women at Work Inc, a community organisation that assists, empowers and unites migrant women workers in low paid employment in collective action for their rights at work. She was a student activist during the anti-Marcos dictatorship struggle in the Philippines. She worked extensively with national, regional and international student bodies when she was in the regional Secretariat of Asian Students Association based in Hong Kong.

Before migrating to Australia in 1998 she was working with migrant women workers based in Hong Kong. Lina is also a musician.


Marian Baird


Marian Baird AO is Professor of Gender and Employment Relations, Chair of the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies and Director of the Women and Work Research Group in the University of Sydney Business School.

In 2016 Marian was awarded an AO for her services to building workplace equality in Australia. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of Australia (ASSA) and a Fellow of the University of Sydney Senate. She is also a member of the Women's College Council. Marian is co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Industrial Relations and is on the editorial board of the Australian Bulletin of Labour. 

Marian is one of Australia's leading researchers in the fields of women, work and family. She has received a number of Australian Research Council and federal and state government grants to aspects of the working lives of women: paid maternity and parental leave, women and leadership, flexibility for working parents, women and the global financial crisis, mature age workers and low paid workers, gender equitable organisational change and work and family in regional Australia. She is widely published in Australia and internationally. Most recently she has edited a book on Women, Work and Care in the Asia Pacific and she is commencing a new ARC Centre of Excellence project on population ageing and the implications for Australian organisations and their workforces. 


Melanie Fernandez


Melanie Fernandez is the Campaigns Manager at the NSW Council of Social Service. Melanie is a feminist activist and is passionately engaged in various organisations in the movement through policy and lobby work and grassroots activism.

She is on the Board of Reproductive Choice Australia and is the former National Chair of the Women’s Electoral Lobby.


Jenna Price


Jenna Price is an academic, journalist and activist. 


Suzanne Jamieson


Suzanne Jamieson worked in Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney for 23 years during which time her principal research focus was equal pay and OHS as it affected women workers.

She represented the National Pay Equity Coalition in the extensive litigation around equal pay in NSW and appeared in numerous national pay cases putting the case for women workers.

For 12 years she chaired the board of a university-owned child care centre.


Sandra Triulzi


Sandra TRIULZI is the Director and Principal Consultant of The Triulzi Group Pty Ltd, a strategic management consultancy firm established in 1991.  The firm has worked with clients in sectors spanning construction and engineering, finance and insurance services, resources and mining, defence, transport, retail, hospitality and health, as well as all levels of Government, Not-for-Profit and SME organisations.  Sandra has also held senior management roles with Lend Lease, Westpac, Qantas, UGL and Abigroup.  During her work with Lend Lease, Sandra project-managed Australia’s first work-based childcare centre, which opened in 1987.

Sandra has a background in organisational development and transformational change.  She has over thirty years’ experience in designing, developing and implementing initiatives in gender diversity, flexibility, cross-cultural, including Indigenous engagement and employment, generational and disability strategies.  Her work in these areas has earned her two major awards at the inaugural Award Ceremony for the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (previously EOWA).  She was the inaugural winner of the Equity and Diversity Award, and the Consultation Award.

Sandra is a passionate advocate for gender equity for women and has pioneered initiatives to attract, recruit and develop women, from both the professional and trades backgrounds. In 2013 Sandra was awarded NAWIC’s Laing O’Rourke Crystal Vision Award in recognition of her significant contribution to the industry sector.

Sandra is a highly accomplished facilitator and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill in working through the complexities of transformational change, influencing and managing various stakeholder groups and constituencies. She holds a Grad.Dip in Coaching Psychology a Masters in Leadership Development, Diploma in Women’s Studies and a Grad.Dip Business Enterprise. Sandra is also accredited in the Hogan Assessment Systems and a licensed facilitator in the OEP Diagnostic Methodology and Tools for business performance.

Sandra has held a number of Board and Government Committee roles, including the Defence Advisory Forum on Discrimination, Board Member of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, Member of the Diversity Think Tank, Board of Governors, Kindergarten Union and Panel Member, Australian Public Service Commission.  She was the NSW State President of Women Chiefs International (WCEI) for 2 terms, a membership organisation of entrepreneurial women and held secretarial positions on the National WCEI Council.

Sandra is the past Chair of eS4W (economic Security4Women) and a representative of WCEI on eS4W’s Council.  eS4W is funded through the Federal Office for Women; its remit focuses on education, employment and financial security and wellbeing. Sandra is also a member of the NSW Council for Women’s Economic Opportunity, a government-appointed position.


Donna Ingrams


Donna is a Wiradjuri woman and is the proud Mother of 4 adult children.

Donna holds a Diploma in Community Management from Tranby Aboriginal College and is a Graduate of the National Indigenous Women’s Leadership Development Program. Donna has served as an ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission) Councillor for the Sydney region. Whilst her children were still at school, Donna was very active for many years on school committees involving Aboriginal education and policy, and has served on a number of community committees over the past 30 years, particularly to do with NAIDOC and women’s issues.

Donna is an active member and currently a Cultural Representative of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council in Redfern, Sydney and provides Welcome to Country at many events and conferences around Sydney on behalf of the Land Council.

Donna believes that education is essential for the further development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities. She also believes it is vital for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to voice their ideas and opinions and to have those voices heard. Donna is excited to be a part of the National Empowerment Project as it gives the community the opportunity to have their voices heard and to make a contribution to the wellbeing of their own families and communities.


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