Canberra Times: Minimum Wage Fails to Please Anybody

Centre Director Cassandra Duff spoke with Noel Towell, from the Canberra Times, about the minimum wage ruling. 

"No one in Canberra in 2016 will be saying no to a pay-rise, especially if they are on the minimum or award wages.

But for Cassandra Duff and her early childhood educator colleagues, there was little to cheer about in the 2.4 per cent rise, with the childcare centre director saying that 2.4 per cent of not much is, well, not much..."

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Australia's 1.8 million lowest-paid workers will be awarded a minimum wage rise of  extra $15.80 a week, with the Fair Work Commission ruling on Tuesday that the national minimum wage will become $17.70 an hour, or $672.70 a week, from July 1.

But Ms Duff said the ruling would be cold comfort for her and her colleagues who will continue to struggle to live on the sector's notoriously low wages.

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