Join Your Union

United Workers Union is you, your workmates and thousands of early childhood educators across the country coming together to win the respect and recognition we deserve.

The more educators who are in our union, the bigger and louder our voice is. It's the only way to win the professional pay we deserve!

So if you're not yet a member...

Why educators join United Workers Union

Respect and Recognition

"As early educators, our pay does not reflect our skills, expertise or responsibility. Big Steps is our union campaign for educators to be valued."

Susan, Director & United Workers Union Member

Winning the pay we deserve

"We're worth so much more than $22 an hour, but we won't win professional pay alone. The more educators in our union, the stronger we are - so if you're not a member, it's time to join!"

Jess, Educator & United Workers Union Member

Back up and support

"Every United Voice member has access to confidential advice by our expert member support team - it's great to know your rights and be supported at work."

Pam, Educator and United Workers Union Member

Campaigning to be valued

"When we speak with one, united voice we build community support, raise awareness of our low pay and the importance of the work we do and put pressure on the government to value us by paying us what we're worth."

Sally, Director and United Workers Union Member