Today we pasted almost 15,000 names onto Malcolm’s head!

Today we pasted almost 15,000 names onto Malcolm’s head!


Outside Parliament there was a sea of Malcolm Turnbull heads – cardboard cut-outs COVERED in the names of the 1000s of Australians who want the PM to fund equal pay for educators!

From chaining ourselves to his Melbourne office to taking our petition to Canberra, we will be seen! 

A few weeks ago, we launched “Where’s Malcolm on Equal Pay?” - search party stunts across Australia, with educators posing next to boards picturing Malcolm Turnbull, dressed like Wally to highlight his absence on gender equality.

actwheres.jpg nt_wheres.jpg nswwheres.jpg

Unable to find Malcolm, we headed to Parliament House, to show the Government just how many Australians are asking for action on equal pay for educators. 

It was a very cold day in the Capital, but we wrapped up and stuck the hundreds upon hundreds of Where's Malcolm heads into the ground. It was an impressive looking petition! We presented it to a fake Malcolm Turnbull, before officially posting it to the PM's electorate office. You can watch what happened below! 

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