Flash Mob

occupyparliament.jpgA flash mob is an unrehearsed, spontaneous mass action. They started as a form of participatory performance art, with groups of people using various online platforms to arrange to meet and perform some kind of playful activity in a public location. More recently, activists have begun to harness the political potential of flash mobs for organizing spontaneous mass actions on short notice.

It's as simple as clapping your hands.

Flash mobs have recently become a powerful tactic for political protest. In the midst of a harsh crackdown on protests in Belarus in 2011, for instance, dissidents began organising impromptu demonstrations by gathering in public spaces and clapping their hands in unison. 

Organise and then disperse.

Starting small but coordinate group is a safe and effective way to pool protesters together. As more people crowd around you, you will build momentum and confidence.

Spread the word through social media.

Share your flash mob on social media and encourage your fellow educators to take a similar action! Make sure to send your action through to the Big Steps Facebook page.

Article adapted from Beautiful Trouble by Beautiful Trouble, various authors, which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.