We've doubled our supporters!

We've doubled our supporters!

Our fight for pay equity didn't go quietly into the night over the Christmas break - instead our support base doubled, with hundreds of thousands of Australians hearing about Big Steps - Value Our Future!


ACT Educators outside 'Suffragette'

On Boxing Day our advertisement hit the big screens in cinemas across the nation, coinciding with the release of the film ‘Suffragette', which follows the story of women over a hundred years ago, fighting for equality. 

This period of time saw a DOUBLING of our supporters! 

We must ensure that our message about pay equity continues to reach as many people as possible, as we will only win if the public is behind us.

That's why educators will be knocking on thousands of doors on the 27th of February, asking the community to stand with us and call on the Federal Government to fund professional wages.

Get involved in the doorknock day by contacting your organiser or branchor check to see if your state/territory has listed their event here

The time for pay equity is now!