MEDIA RELEASE - Families deserve better

MEDIA RELEASE - Families deserve better

Children, families and educators let down by Government

The latest early childhood education and care announcement from the Federal Government is another betrayal for families and a sign of the continued disregard this Government has for children’s early learning.

The Prime Minister’s announcement today that the Government will combine the long-awaited Families Package legislation with cuts to Family Tax Benefits demonstrates just how little the Government cares about investing in Australia’s early education system.

Helen Gibbons, Assistant National Secretary of United Voice, the early childhood union says, “United Voice rejects the idea that reforms to early childhood education and care should be funded through cuts to critical assistance to Australian families. Children deserve better than this.

“Families, educators and early childhood providers have yet again been let down by this Government which has once more failed to prioritise funding support for early learning over its harsh agenda of cuts to those who need it most.

“Combining the two pieces of legislation does not speed up or assist the reform process. In fact it makes it less likely that the Government will be able to pass the additional funding contained in the Families Package.

“Early years learning should be properly funded in its own right, and investment in this area is too important to tie to other budget measures.

“Any boost in funding of quality early learning has a clear return on investment for the Australian economy, now and in the future. Investment in early years learning is not about welfare, it is about education.

“It seems the Government can find extra funds to cover tax cuts for big businesses, but will not prioritise funding children’s early learning,” says Helen Gibbons.

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