MEDIA RELEASE - Educators Announce National Walk Offs

MEDIA RELEASE - Educators Announce National Walk Offs

On the eve of Equal Pay Day, early childhood educators today announce national, sector-wide walk offs. This will be the biggest early education walk off in Australian history.

Frustrated that the government is continually failing to address the equal pay issue, thousands of early childhood educators are escalating their action. In an unprecedented move, it will be the second walk off this year in their fight for professional pay.

Kylie Grey, an educator from Melbourne says, “Educators everywhere are angry and frustrated, so on the eve of Equal Pay Day we are announcing that there will be national walk offs this week. Everyone knows how important educators work is, but some educators earn as little as $21 per hour and we are demanding this be fixed now. We are walking off the job and putting Malcom Turnbull on notice. He needs to fix this now.”

Helen Gibbons, Assistant National Secretary, United Voice says, “Australia’s early childhood educators have appalling levels of pay. They are a highly-educated, skilled workforce but only earn around $21 an hour. As long as the government continues to ignore them and pass the buck on funding equal pay, from here on in they will continue to escalate their action.
“It is outrageous that in 2017 female-dominated industries are still fighting to receive equal pay. This needs to be a national priority.”

Early childhood educators will walk off the job at 3:20pm on Thursday 7 September, 2017, as it represents the time of day that educators effectively start working for free because of low wages. Tomorrow is Equal Pay Day, a symbolic day marking the additional time from the end of the previous financial year that women must work to earn the same as men.