Hear us knocking!

Hear us knocking!


"Hundreds of early childhood specialists hit the streets on Saturday to draw attention to their poor pay which they say deserves a federal government subsidy to bring their wages into line with similar professions." 

28th Feb 2016, Rachel Browne, Sun Herald

We know that it is only by building strong community support that we will move the Government to fund professional pay for all educators. That's why, on Saturday, we knocked - and hundreds of Australians opened their doors to the Big Steps campaign.

Other than seeing a wave of support on social media, Big Steps also hit the mainstream media. Fairfax Media spoke with United Voice members Brigitte Mitchell (NSW) and Kerrie Devir (VIC).


"Unfortunately, we do see people leaving the sector because of the money. The high turnover of staff is not good for children or families." 

Educator Brigitte Mitchell, NSW

Putting pen to paper, families and other members of the community showed their support for our fight, the majority of whom were shocked that the Government still hasn't rectified the issue by funding professional pay.   

"Our wages are low in relation to the responsibilities and the weight of what we do every day. Parents are shocked. Surprised is an understatement. Some parents express embarrassment. We can alter the course of a child's life for the better and that is priceless."

Educator Kerrie Devir, VIC  

The response we had from the community was wonderful, though we know that there is a lot yet to do to cement the support of our communities and to build a union that must be listened to.

So, what can you do?


If you're in the sector, but aren't yet a member, it's time to make 2016 a year of action.

If you're not in the sector, but want to be part of future actions to support our fight, make sure you've signed up to our campaign on the homepage, as well as followed us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This will keep you update on events in your area, as well as advancements in the campaign.

AND finally, if you are a member, but didn't make it to the door knock and want to know what it was like because you'll come along next time, check out this video, which follows a group of Big Steps campaigners as they begin their day of door knocking.