Creative Leafleting

wheresmalcolm.jpgLeafleting is an important part of many campaigns. Approaching this action with some creativity will make your group stand out and engage the people around you. Here's some handy hints for giving some flavour to one of the most fundamental ways to get your message out there.

Get creative.

Make it fun. Make it unusual. Make it memorable. Don’t just hand out leaflets. Climb up on somebody'd shoulders and hand out leaflets from there. Think about the form in which you're handing out your leaflet too! A busy commuter is more likely to take, read and remember the custom message inside a heart-shaped card you just handed her than a rectangle of paper packed with text.

Put on a show.

Using theatre and costumes to leaflet can also be effective. Dressing up as a man to communicate that you would be paid 30% more in a male-dominated industry may be an effective way of driving your point home.

People may also more attention if you hand out your heart-shaped leaflets and ask them whether love is enough to pay their mortgage.

The point is, leafleting is not a bad tactic. It’s still a good way to tell passersby what you’re marching for or why you’re making so much noise on a street corner. But people are more likely to take your leaflet, read it, and remember what it’s all about if you deliver it with flair. 

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