Call Your MP: it's educators who need a pay rise. Not Turnbull's staffers.

Last week the Prime Minister decided to give his Canberra staff a whopping pay rise, averaging $30,000. EACH! Turnbull’s staffers already earn up to $259,000 each year. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of qualified passionate educators earn as little as $21 an hour.

He personally stepped in to put more money into the pockets of his well-paid staff — but in his two years as prime minister he hasn’t lifted a finger to make sure educators are paid properly.

We have to send a message to Canberra that it's people like us who need a payrise, not Mr Turnbull's staff. 


Some things you might want to say to your MP

  • Tell the person who answers the phone how you felt reading that Mr Turnbull has given his staff a $30,000 pay rises.
  • Educators are paid as little as $21 per hour to do one of the most important jobs in Australia, and Mr Turnbull has not lifted a finger to ensure we are paid properly.
  • Tell them Mr Turnbull has until February 1 to agree to fund equal pay for educators, or we will be walking off the job, all across the country.