Big Steps in the House of Reps!

Big Steps in the House of Reps!

We mightn’t yet know who our Prime Minister is, but we do know that there are new Big Steps supporters in the House of Representatives! 

Brian_Mitchell__Labor_candidate_for_Lyons_with_educator_Angela_2.jpgBrian Mitchell MP for Lyons signing the Big Steps pledge.

Linda Burney MP for Barton

Luke Gosling MP for Solomon

Susan Lamb MP for Longman

Brian Mitchell MP for Lyons

Justine Keay MP for Braddon

Ross Hart MP for Bass

But these MPs wouldn’t be supporters if it wasn’t for us. Every pledge of support demonstrates the power of our actions – every meeting and rally, every time we have stepped up, they have seen our growing strength.

TAS_Ross_Hear_Labor_Candidate_for_Bass_signing.jpg Linda_Burney_Pledge_3.JPG Justine_Keay_Labor_Candidate_for_Braddon_1.jpeg 

Ross Hart MP for Bass; Linda Burney MP for Barton; Justine Keay MP for Braddon

From marching in Melbourne and Darwin, to singing for equal pay on the steps of Parliament House - MPs signed our pledge because of us. 

But to win Big Steps, we need to be stronger, louder and bigger, so that every MP and every Senator agrees that in order to value every child, a responsible government must value every educator.

So let’s ensure that, no matter who takes government, the next Prime Minister knows they must Value Every Child and Value Every Educator.

Let’s make that the mantra of our sector. 


Susan Lamb MP for Longman