Educators Everywhere

If every educator spoke to their local MP just once a month, we would be the loudest, most powerful voice in Canberra.

We all know that a responsible government would have already taken steps to deliver equal pay for early childhood educators.  Educators Everywhere is a plan to remind the politicians that they need to step up and find a solution too.

We are not going to sit back and be told anymore - no more nice meetings and cups of tea, we want action!


Together with campaign leaders from across the country we have developed a toolbox of ideas, activities and actions for educators to take in their local community.

Get Heard

Use these resources to help host an action, start making calls, and make sure your MP knows that we are sick of waiting for Equal Pay.

Get Seen

Use these resources to host events and activities that amplify our campaign in the community.  Hold a wobble board session on a busy road, a public meeting, or a flashmob - get out in the community and have your voice heard.

Get Crafty

Use these resources to help put together the Banners, Signs, Pinwheels and other campaign kit that is going to get you seen and heard.